Five Surefire Ways To Damage Your Inkjet Cartridges

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Are there things I should avoid doing with my inkjet cartridges to make sure I don’t damage them?

Five Surefire Ways To Damage Your Inkjet Cartridges

It's usually pretty easy to keep your inkjet cartridges in good shape for optimal printing. Store them in a cool, dry place and use them in a timely manner by the date recommended on the packaging. However, when you're dealing with maintenance, a few misguided steps can cause your inkjet cartridges and possibly your printer, some damage. We're giving you a list of things not to do if you want to keep your equipment in good shape.

  1. Don't use any household cleaning agents when you're maintaining your inkjet cartridges. Detergents can damage your printer finish and ruin your inkjet cartridges from proper printing.
  2. Don't go overboard when you're cleaning your inkjet cartridges. Over-cleaning will remove ink from your inkjet cartridges and leave you with less to print with.
  3. Don't touch the metal contacts on the nozzle of your inkjet cartridges. You could cause clogs, ink failure and poor electrical connections to your printer.
  4. Don't leave your inkjet cartridges exposed outside of your printer for more than half an hour. You could dry out your inkjet cartridge and cause printing problems.
  5. Don't clean your inkjet cartridge with tap water. There could be contaminants in tap water that can damage the print head.



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