The Different Surfaces Of Photo Papers

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What is the difference between the different types of photo paper surfaces?

The Different Surfaces Of Photo Papers Tip: If you've been looking at a variety of different photo papers, you're well aware that there are many different types to choose from. Photo papers are available in a variety of surfaces, including glossy, semiglossy, matte and luster. Wondering what the difference is?

Glossy or semiglossy papers refer to those photo papers which have a smooth sheen texture in photos. Glossy photo papers tend to have an ultra smooth finish, while semiglossy photo papers have a moderately smooth finish. The higher end premium photo papers tend to have a 10 mil thickness or more. Professional quality papers have a coated surface.

Matte photo papers are the opposite of glossy and semiglossy photo papers in that they lack any sheen whatsoever. These papers are equally suitable for photographs, but give a flat, non-reflective look for photographers and consumers who prefer that type of appearance.

Luster photo papers fall in the middle in glossiness. They don't quite have the high level of reflectivity of glossy papers and they're not completely flat like a matte paper. This type of photo paper is popular with wedding photographers and portrait photographers.



9/12/2007 11:26:04 PM
Littlesistreasa said:

This tip helped somewhat, but my question now, is on the luster paper. I'm pretty sure thats what I am looking for. I have some and don't know what it is, but yes, it is in between semi glossy and matte. Right in the middle. I said to myself, why kind is this anyway. Yours was the first for me to click on, just incase you were wondering and solved my problem. Luster paper.


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