Four Cost-Saving Alternatives To Toner Refills

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Are there alternate ways of saving money besides getting toner refills?

Four Cost-Saving Alternatives To Toner Refills

If you're wary of the quality and reputation of ink refill shops, you may wonder if there are other ways to save money on your printer ink. These days, the competition of less expensive toner refills available to the general public is making major printer manufacturers come up with some creative ways to offer their own discounts. Here are some ways to save that are alternatives to toner refills.

  • Buy toner in bulk for a lower per unit cost.
  • Print in draft mode to save your toner ink.
  • Recycle your toner ink cartridges to the manufacturer for a discount. Major printer manufacturers, such as Lexmark and Dell, offer the discount.
  • Schools and local charities in some areas have collection bins for old toner ink cartridges and will pay a small fee for receiving them.



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