Toner Refills Goes To The Government

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Who supplies the government’s ink toner refills?

Toner Refills Goes To The Government

Toner refills are big business. Customers can often save 50 percent off of the retail price of manufacturer toner cartridges through toner refills. The U.S. government seems to know that, too. Office Depot is the only company to supply ink and toner cartridges to government offices. Part of the agreement includes supplying toner from big name brands like Lexmark, HP and IBM. But the government isn't just sticking to name brand inks and toners. The government is actually encouraging the purchase of toner refills as opposed to the name brand inks in the interest of saving money. But just because government offices are interested in saving money doesn't mean they're compromising on quality. If the toner refills or inks end up creating sub par prints or have a shorter lifespan, they plan on having Office Depot replace the cartridges.



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