Laws And Refilling Toner

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Are there any laws regarding refilling your toner?

Laws And Refilling Toner

Online stores that sell toner refill kits and brick and mortar stores that provide a service for refilling toner are popping up across the country and in developed nations around the world. Although it appears many of the major manufacturers are fighting this trend through lawsuits, there has been legislation in place that protects the consumer's right to refilling toner or purchasing toner kits.

One example involves the Lexmark suit against North Carolina third party providers of refilling toner. In the suit, Lexmark accused Static Control Components of violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A bill in North Carolina came out recently giving its residents the right to legally refill toner or use toner kits, though the bill didn't directly address the issues surrounding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.



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