Troubleshooting Leaks On Your Toner Cartridges

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What do I do about a leaky toner cartridge?

Troubleshooting Leaks On Your Toner Cartridges

Although refilling your toner cartridges is usually a pretty straightforward task, sometimes, you encounter some difficulties with getting everything to run smoothly. Occasionally, people who purchase a toner refill kit will find that their toner cartridges leak after a refill. When toner cartridges leak, the cause is typically due to an improper seal in the unit. Air enters the cartridge and causes the leakage of toner.

If you're experiencing leaks, you can take a few simple steps to remedy the problem on your toner cartridges and get your printer to work without any difficulties. Although it may be tempting to use tape, do not use this to seal the hole. Instead, use a tapping screw and some nail polish to seal the hole. You can likely use an 8/32 tapping screw. After sealing the hole, you should be able to refill your cartridge several times.



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