Dealing With Low Toner Messages After Refilling Printer Toner

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Why do I get a low toner message after I’ve refilled my printer toner?

Dealing With Low Toner Messages After Refilling Printer Toner

Occasionally, you might find that after refilling printer toner, you still get a message that you have low toner. Obviously, this shouldn't be the case if you don't have an empty toner cartridge. What sometimes happens is the printer doesn't have notification that it needs to restart its toner calculation. Regardless of whether you're installing a cartridge after refilling printer toner or you're installing a new original manufacturer toner cartridge, you need to make sure your laser printer is getting the correct reading. The laser printer reads a chip to verify the toner level. If your refill cartridge lacks this element, you can still bypass the default system to get your laser printer to read the original chip. For specific instructions on circumventing the low toner message, consult your laser printer manual.



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