How To Recycle Your Dell Toner Cartridges

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How do I recycle my Dell toner?

How To Recycle Your Dell Toner Cartridges Tip: Now, you don't have to just toss your Dell toner cartridges in the trash. Instead, you can help keep down the waste in the environment by recycling them. It's an easy process. Here's how you do it.

  • Whenever you open your Dell toner cartridges, don't throw away the original boxes.
  • You can pack your old Dell toner cartridges into them when you're ready to recycle.
  • Go to the Dell website and click on the “Go Recycle” link.
  • Click the “Print Waybill” link in the toner category.
  • Complete the “Print Waybill” form to receive your prepaid shipping label and submit the form.
  • Print the form and attach it to your Dell toner box.
  • Drop the box off at your nearest DHL shipping center.



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