How To Solve Toner Smears

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Could my toner cause smearing on my printouts?

How To Solve Toner Smears

If you're seeing toner smears on the edge of your printouts, you could have dirty media guides or other issues causing the faulty printouts. Toner smears are easily correctable in some cases. To get your printouts looking crisp and clean again, there are a few tricks you can try with your toner.

  • Wipe the media guides clean of any dirt and debris with a dry cloth. Make sure your cloth is free of lint before you clean out your media guides.
  • Check the type and quality of paper you're using, as certain media are prone to smearing.
  • Check the temperature of your fuser to make sure it's not too low.
  • In your printer driver, make sure that you are matching the appropriate paper type with what your toner is printing on. Choosing the wrong medium could cause toner smears.



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