Why doesn't my printer print right after an ink refill?

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Why doesn't my printer print right after an ink refill?

Why doesn't my printer print right after an ink refill?

Many people find that after an ink refill, their printer will print with errors such as lines or smudges in the printing. Usually, this is due to the pressure being out of balance inside the cartridge after refilling. When you use an ink refill, you first open the empty cartridge. This lets out the internal pressure that was previously used to propel the ink out of the cartridge and onto the paper. This pressure release is the culprit. Many ink refill kits will come with some device to help get the pressure balanced after a refill. These usually take the form of a separate syringe of tube for blowing air back into the cartridge prior to sealing it.

More often, you are best served by letting the cartridge sit for an hour or two after refilling it. Internal pressure will settle itself with time and this will keep you from getting bad prints or harming the printer cartridge. If you are having printing problems after using an ink refill, chances are it is a pressure problem. Simply take the cartridge back out of the printer and let it sit for a while. When you put it back in, clean the cartridges and you should be back in shape.



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