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What affects fading on photo printer paper?

The Different Types Of Fade Resistance On Photo Printer Paper

Photo printer paper can fade for various reasons. Wilhelm Imaging Research, which conducts tests on the photo permanence of traditional and digital photographs, typically tests for four different types of fade resistance when it comes to photo printer paper. Fade resistance includes light fade, thermal degradation or dark fade, air fade and humidity.

Light fade – Light fade occurs when photo printer paper is exposed to light in normal circumstances.

Thermal degradation – Photo printer paper can show fading even when placed in room temperature over a given time period.

Air fade – Factors like pollution and the deterioration of the ozone layer can cause fading in photo printer paper.

Humidity – The moisture from humid environments can cause a change in the hue of a color or take away the vibrancy of a print.

How do I know which photo paper finish is right for my printing needs?

How To Choose The Right Photo Paper Finish

Choosing the right photo paper finish can mean the difference between having a great looking quality photo or dealing with inappropriate image results. With the number of photo paper finish choices out there, it can be hard to make the right decision This handy guide will help point you in the right direction.

  • For projects like scrapbooks, family albums, framed photos and greeting cards, glossy photo paper finish is an appropriate choice if you like the look of a smooth high sheen surface. For better quality results, choose the premium level papers.
  • Printing out photos for personal use from the Internet or an email works well with a semi-glossy photo paper finish. For photos that you're not sending out, a photo paper meant for everyday use is perfectly fine and more cost effective.
  • Printing out black and white or vintage looking photos? Try a matte finish with one of the everyday photo paper choices for appropriate-looking results.

Is there a way to make the image on my photo printing paper last?

How To Preserve The Image On Your Photo Printing Paper

If you're printing out your memories on photo printing paper, you want to make sure those images not only look good when you print them, but that they'll look just as good years from now. In order to keep your photo printing paper looking just as good 50 years from now, you need to take a few steps to ensure the longevity of your prints.

  • Start with the right equipment, including a quality printer, ink and photo printing paper. Though premium quality photo paper is costlier, it's specifically made to control ink absorption, as well as create a moisture barrier to preserve your photos for the long term.
  • You can purchase quick-drying photo printing paper, but it's still always a good idea to wait until you're sure the ink is completely dry before stacking the sheets or placing anything on top of them. A good wait time is 24 hours for photo printing paper just to be safe.
  • When your pictures are ready to go on your photo printing paper, store them in a cool, humid-free environment to prolong their life. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • Photos printed on photo printing paper last longer when you place them in albums as opposed to frames. However, to ensure the longest life, avoid self-stick or PVC coated pages that can cause discolored prints. Instead, go with an acid-free and lignin-free album.
  • The best frames for photo printing paper, should you decide to go that route, are those with an anti-UV coating on the glass. Aluminum frames are best if you live in a humid area because they aren't affected by the moist environment.

What is photo permanence?

Photo Permanence and Photo Papers

Getting rich, vivid quality prints with photo papers is one thing, but obtaining photo permanence with photo papers is another. If you want your great looking photos to last, you not only have to consider quality inks, but quality photo papers, as well. Quality photo papers are those which are resistant to fading caused by light or heat. Another factor affecting photo permanence on photo papers is water durability. Photo papers can get damaged when subjected to wet hands or moisture. However, quality photo papers have some level of waterproof protection or water resistance built into them. To keep photo papers in good shape after constant handling and use, you also need to get products which are resistant to scuffs from fingernails and the action of stacking papers.

What is the difference between the varieties of HP printer paper?

Your Guide To HP Printer Paper For Photos

There are a wide variety of HP printer paper types to choose from. HP printer paper provides categories for home use, home office use and professional quality papers. Here is the breakdown on which HP printer paper might be appropriate for your needs.

HP Premium Plus Photo Paper – If you're looking for a top of the line coated paper that is fade-resistant and appropriate for album pages, framed photos or scrapbooking, this HP printer paper makes an ideal choice.

HP Premium Photo Paper – A more affordable photo paper, the HP Premium is appropriate for traditional photographs and applications for photo albums, greeting cards and calendars.

HP Advanced Photo Paper – If you're looking for a heavier weight paper for signage, the HP Advanced photo paper comes in a 10.5 mil thickness and is resistant to water, as well as smudges and smears.

HP Photo Paper – This more economical photo paper is for business or home use and comes thicker than regular bond paper, but is appropriate for printing pictures or graphics for business use or portfolios.

HP Everyday Photo Paper – If you're looking for an affordable solution for school projects or family newsletters, the HP Everyday Photo Paper is suitable for all of your home projects.

How do I know what size paper to buy for greeting cards and other projects?

Choosing The Right Paper Size For Your Printing Project

Buying the right paper size for your printing project can be an intensive decision-making task. To help make the process a little easier, we're providing some guidelines for some popular printing projects.

  • For photos, you have a range of choices, depending on whether you want to print for a specific frame, print multiples on one sheet, or create a large sized print. Possible sizes include 4”x6”, 5”x7”, 2”x12”, 8.5”x11”, 11”x17”, and 13”x19”.
  • A special printing project, like creating greeting cards or a calendar, typically works well with two different size types. A 4”x6” paper size or 8.5”x11” paper size will work well. Use the 4”x6” paper size as a postcard-type greeting or fold it in half for a petite thank you card. The 8.5”x11” paper size folded in half makes a great larger-sized greeting card or calendar.
  • Special projects, like newsletters and letter-sized mailings, work well with 8.5”x11” paper. For postcard-sized mailings, you can try a 4”x6” paper size for your printing project.

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