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Does paper affect my photocopy toner?

Paper Types Matter When Using Photocopy Toner

Photocopy toner can be efficient if you've got all the right tools. Having all the right tools can mean using the right type of paper. Here are some of the considerations for matching up paper types with your photocopy toner.

  • Make sure you choose the right fuser media weight setting for particular types of paper when using your photocopy toner.
  • Choose the proper feed method for glossy papers. If you're using glossy paper, there might be more slippage and your photocopy toner won't work properly with this type of paper unless you run it through the multi-purpose paper tray. The multi-purpose tray feeds the medium through a more direct path.
  • Don't use inkjet paper with your photocopy toner. Inkjet paper is specifically formulated for use with inks, while laser papers are specifically formulated for use with photocopy toner.
  • Check for the proper weight if you're choosing bond to run through your copier. Certain paperweights may not be compatible with your machine.

What is Lexmark’s policy on recycling toners?

The Lexmark Laser Toner Recycle Program

In order to facilitate a greener environment, many printer manufacturers, including Lexmark, have created a recycling program where you can submit used materials, such as their Lexmark laser toner. The process is simple. You can package up your old Lexmark laser toner in the original box you purchased it in and seal it with tape. Use the label already provided for you or print a prepaid label. Attach the label and send the package in the mail. For those who prefer to do a drop-off, you can also take your Lexmark laser toner or empty ink cartridge and drop it off at an authorized reseller location. The Lexmark recycle program not only makes for a cleaner environment, but also provides work for disadvantaged adults who sort through the toners and cartridges for recycling.

Is buying photocopy toner in bulk really worth it?

Three Things To Think About Before Buying Photocopy Toner In Bulk

Buying photocopy toner in bulk can garner you tremendous savings in the long term – if you follow a few simple guidelines. Buying photocopy toner in bulk isn't for every consumer. Here's why.

  1. Photocopy toner has a shelf life. If you have toner with a chip, your cartridge can expire before you even use it if you buy in bulk and only print documents on an occasional basis.
  2. If you're a business, home office or consumer who goes through photocopy toner frequently, then buying in bulk is for you. You can realize a cost savings by buying larger quantities and take comfort in knowing that you'll actually use your photocopy toner before it expires.
  3. If you're not sure whether buying in bulk works for you, just take a few minutes to think about what your printing needs are. Ask yourself how much photocopy toner you have used over the last three months. Have you changed it often or are you still using the same photocopy toner?

What are the benefits of using bottled copier toners?

Replacing With Bottled Copier Toners

Not all copier toners are the same. Some copiers may use cartridge toners, while others may be units which use bottled copier toners. If you're deciding between which model is best, consider that there are advantages to getting equipment that uses bottled copier toners. Here are some points to consider when deciding what works best for your office.

  • For larger monochrome copiers, it's common to replace the toner by refilling with the toner bottle.
  • You'll find some versions of the bottled copier toners are placed in the same way as cartridge toners. Some units have a hopper for you to pour the toner without having to open the door of the unit.
  • You can find models which carry multiple bottled copier toners, reducing the down time due to refills.
  • In some models of copiers, you can even find a hopper which allows you to refill the toner without interrupting the printing job at all.

Can copier toner cartridges go bad if not used?

Freshness Counts with Your Copier Toner Cartridge

If you do your office or home copying with laser toner, you should pay attention to the age of your copier toner cartridge. Many people do not think that a copier toner cartridge can go bad with age. The truth is that it is recommended that you use a copier toner cartridge within one year of purchasing it. A copier toner cartridge's performance will deteriorate over time if it sits open for too long.

If you want the best results from your toner, the copier toner cartridge should be kept sealed in its bag until use. Keep it at room temperature to prevent the toner from clumping inside the cartridge. Toner is essentially a powder, and if exposed to the elements it could be damaged. If you buy your copier toner cartridges in bulk, don't worry. So long as you keep the toner cartridges in a dry place and in their protective packaging, you can buy copier toner cartridges to last you for some time without worrying about their age.

What are the options when it comes to copier toner cartridges?

Options in Copier Toner Cartridges

There are four main options when it comes to copier toner cartridges. Below is some information on each.

  • OEM Copier Toner Cartridges - OEM means “Original Equipment Manufacturer” meaning that these types of cartridges come direct from the manufacturer that made your copier. These are the most reliable but also the most expensive to purchase.
  • Generic Copier Toner Cartridges - Generic cartridges are made by after-market manufacturers who have the ability to make compatible cartridges for your printer type. The design and make of these cartridges are the same as the OEM cartridges, but are far less expensive.
  • Remanufactured Copier Toner Cartridges – Remanufacturing of copier toner cartridges consists of taking the unit apart, cleaning it, and refilling it. These cartridges are well tested for quality and will usually give you similar printing results as either OEM or generic cartridges.
  • Toner Refill Kits - Refill kits for copier toner are beneficial because they are refillable with bottled toner. This will save you the cost of purchasing a new cartridge each time you run out.

However, these are less easy to use and can have varying results in terms of quality.

How do I replace my Xerox toner cartridge?

Replacing Your Xerox Toner Cartridge

When replacing your Xerox toner cartridge, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for. Here are a few tips for properly replacing your Xerox toner cartridge for most Xerox model copiers.

  • Necessary? - The copier will tell you when you need to replace your Xerox toner cartridge. Xerox toner cartridges can be recycled so please follow the disposal instructions you receive with the new cartridge. Only replace when necessary.
  • Handling – When properly handling your Xerox toner cartridge, be sure to not expose it to the direct sunlight or strong indoor fluorescent lighting. Also, do not touch or scratch the surface of the drum. Improper handling could lead to poor printing results later and the need to buy another Xerox toner cartridge.
  • Be Gentle – When pulling out the old Xerox toner cartridge, do not force the unit. These are carefully built machines that rely on proper alignment for retaining quality. You risk breaking if you are forceful.

For detailed instructions on replacing the Xerox toner cartridge in your specific model copier, offers support and instructions.

What different types of copier toner are there?

Types of Copier Toner

If your office has a copier, you will want to educate yourself about copier toner. There are two major types of toner on the market: bottled toner and toner cartridges. Usually, bottled toner is simply plain toner in a plastic bottle. This is the type of choice for most photocopiers and is easily poured into your toner container within the machine. On the other hand, toner cartridges are slightly more complex units.

Copier toner cartridges are made of both toner and an imaging drum packaged in a plastic case. Laser printers and fax machines most often use toner cartridges, although many low-end copiers do as well. Toner cartridges cost more than bottle toner, but are also usually easier to buy from a local store. Be sure to examine your user manual to determine the best type of copier toner for your unit. If you have difficulty locating the proper type, contact your manufacturer for more advice.

Can I locate discount Xerox copier toner cartridges?

Finding the Lowest Price on Your Xerox Copier Toner Cartridge

For offices that do a lot of copying, the costs of operation can be expensive. If you have a laser copier that uses toner, you already know what I mean. Toner is not only expensive, but also needs replenishing far too often. Products such as a Xerox copier toner cartridge can be found at lower prices than you think with a little looking.

First, stay away from retail shops if at all possible. If cheap prices are what you are looking for, you won't find them there. Low prices on office supplies are found the easiest on the Internet. For your Xerox copier toner cartridge, replacements can be bought for half the price of retail from many remanufacturing companies that operate websites. These vendors take advantage of the lower costs of production involved in remanufacturing in order to provide lower prices on their products. Use the Web to find the best price the next time you need to replace your Xerox copier toner cartridge. You will save money for sure, and when you save money, you save inevitable headaches.

Does Xerox make their own Xerox toner for their copiers?

Xerox Toner for Xerox Copiers

Although many people believe that Xerox deals exclusively in making copy machines, the truth is that they are also very active in the printing industry. In fact the toner cartridges that are manufactured by Xerox are very widely and easily available in the market today. When the Xerox toner cartridges are matched up to some of the other toner cartridges made by other companies, you will find that the Xerox ink cartridges are very reasonably priced unlike some other ink cartridges.

Xerox toner is a great solution because Xerox has introduced refillable toner cartridges in most of their copiers. This makes for fewer trips to the office supply store and less cost in buying new cartridges each time. Xerox toner is of the highest quality and specially blended for Xerox copiers. If you own a Xerox copy machine, you should stick to the Xerox toner that is meant for your machine.

What additional costs do I have besides the cost of a laser copier?

Figuring In The Cost Of Copy Toners To Your Budget

When you're shopping for a laser copier to suit your needs, it's important to not only look at the cost of the actual copier, but to factor in the cost of consumables, as well. Specifically, copy toners, developers, and fuser oil can add significantly to your budget throughout the life of your laser copier. You typically have four different colors of copy toners you will need to replace, including cyan, yellow, magenta and black. You can purchase the copy toners as separate bottles and replace colors as they run out. You also need to upkeep your supply of developers to mix with your copy toners. Developers create the magnetic attraction to your toners to the drum so that you can print. Prints from your laser copier will fade over time, signaling the need for you to add developer. An uneven color in your printouts often indicates the need for new toners. For the finishing touch on your laser copier printouts, you need fuser oil, which tends to last twice as long as developer.

Can I convert my Sharp copier to a printer?

Sharp Copier Supplies So You Can Upgrade

If you have a Sharp digital copier, you can use it as a printer, as well. Sharp copier supplies, such as the printer upgrade kit, allow you to turn your Sharp digital copier into a laser printer. You'll be able to print at 600 dpi, as well as control the functions and features from your desktop. These Sharp copier supplies include everything you need for the conversion, including an interface card, external port, cable and CD-Rom with print driver. The software is compatible with Windows 3.5, 95, 98 and NT 4.0.

You can even install the printer upgrade kit yourself and all you need is a Phillips head screwdriver. Simply remove four screws to snap the interface card in place, replace the cover and your Sharp digital copier is a printer.

Should I be concerned about inhalation around toner cartridges?

Safety And Exposure To Toner Cartridges

Over the years, there have been studies done to evaluate the effects of inhalation around toner cartridges. One study by Xerox observed the effects of toner inhalation, where a person has frequent and long-term exposure to toner cartridges and similar materials, such as polymer dust. The study of toner inhalation was conducted with laboratory rats throughout most of their lifespan. According to the study, the results showed no evidence of upper respiratory toxins, lung tumors or deaths related to the exposure to toner cartridges. Xerox also examined a number of manufacturing and service employees with frequent and long-term exposure to toner cartridges. The company found no negative health associations related to toner inhalation.

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