Paper Types Matter When Using Photocopy Toner

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Does paper affect my photocopy toner?

Paper Types Matter When Using Photocopy Toner

Photocopy toner can be efficient if you've got all the right tools. Having all the right tools can mean using the right type of paper. Here are some of the considerations for matching up paper types with your photocopy toner.

  • Make sure you choose the right fuser media weight setting for particular types of paper when using your photocopy toner.
  • Choose the proper feed method for glossy papers. If you're using glossy paper, there might be more slippage and your photocopy toner won't work properly with this type of paper unless you run it through the multi-purpose paper tray. The multi-purpose tray feeds the medium through a more direct path.
  • Don't use inkjet paper with your photocopy toner. Inkjet paper is specifically formulated for use with inks, while laser papers are specifically formulated for use with photocopy toner.
  • Check for the proper weight if you're choosing bond to run through your copier. Certain paperweights may not be compatible with your machine.



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