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Is there a way to fix faded prints without having to buy a new ink cartridge?

Redistributing HP Toner To Correct Faded Prints

If your prints are coming out faint, it may be time to replace your HP toner. However, when time is tight and you need to finish a job quickly, you can attempt to redistribute your HP toner to finish the prints. The steps to redistribute the toner with an HP laserjet are below:

  • First, open the printer door and remove the HP toner cartridge from the printer.
  • Hold the cartridge at each end and use a gentle motion to rock the cartridge from front to back.
  • Replace the cartridge in the HP laserjet and close the door.
  • It's important not to expose the HP toner to prolonged light as this could cause damage to the unit. You can cover the cartridge with a piece of paper if you need to leave it out for more than a brief period.

What is MICR toner?

What is MICR Toner?

For owners of laser printers or copiers who have been shopping around for the best prices and selection of toner, you know that there is a lot of terminology to learn. One term you will bump into when shopping for toner is MICR. The acronym "MICR" stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR is a process by which documents are printed using magnetic ink and special fonts to create machine readable information for quick document processing.

The main purpose of MICR toner is to print accounting and routing information on bank checks and other negotiable documents. MICR toner has been in use for a long time by banks and other institutions because it is often very difficult to counterfeit. Chances are that if you are shopping for toner for a home or office printer, you can pass right by the MICR toner choices on the shelves.

How does laser toner make prints in my printer?

Some Things to Know About Toner

It is simple to understand how inkjet cartridges make prints, but understanding how laser toner printers work is a little different. As opposed to printing ink on a page, laser toner cartridges use high voltage and magnetism to transfer the extremely fine toner powder to the paper. The toner powder is transferred with a roller that releases the magnetic charge with the help of a laser beam and an electro photographic drum.

When printing, the electrically charged characters that are formed in toner are applied to the print paper. The paper is also electrically charged and the attractive charges hold the toner characters in place. After the toner is applied, the paper is passed through a heated roller that melts the characters and permanently fixes them onto the paper. Although more complicated than inkjet printing, laser toner printers will give you a clearer, better quality print.

How do I replace my laser printer toner?

Replacing Your Laser Printer Toner

Laser printers will run for, literally, thousands of prints before needed replacement or changing. However, they all need it at some point, so you should familiarize yourself with how to replace the printer toner for your specific printer.

First, dig up the old manual that came with your laser printer. It should contain specific instructions on how to properly remove your empty toner cartridge and on how to replace it with a new one. This is usually a simple procedure that involves a few latches and gentle movements. You never want to feel like you are exerting too much pressure when removing or inserting printer toner; otherwise you could be close to breaking your unit.

If you cannot locate your manual, hit the Internet and locate your manufacturer's website. There should be online support with instructions on how to change the printer toner. If not, there will definitely be contact information that you can use to call and ask them directly. Remember to recycle your empty printer toner cartridges when you replace them.

What are safety concerns when I change my laser toner?

Safety Issues When Cleaning or Changing Laser Toner

If you are attempting to clean or change out your laser toner yourself, there are some safety concerns that you should take note of and precaution against. Here are a few tips on what to be careful of when handling your laser toner or printer.

First, beware of spilling toner. Laser toner is a very fine powder. If it spills and gets into the air, it can take a long time to settle and to be cleaned. If you are changing your laser toner, wear a mask to protect your lungs from inhaling the toner particles in the event of a spill. If you do spill, turn off any fans in the room to keep the toner from recycling in the air. Leave the room and come back after the laser toner has had a chance to settle.

One other common danger area in your laser toner printer is in the roller compartment. Different printers are constructed differently. If yours has the roller compartment in tight quarters, be careful if you go near it. This compartment gets hot when printing, and if you have recently printed, may still be hot when you are trying to change the laser toner. Don't get caught burning yourself on the roller compartment. To avoid this heat, wait at least one hour after your last print before attempting to change your laser toner.

Take note of these safety issues when working with your laser printer and you will avoid many of the most common dangers that are there.

Do toner cartridges go all the way dry or should I try to squeeze a little more out?

No-Shake Toner Cartridges

In the past, when a toner cartridge was close to empty, it could help to shake the cartridge around to loosen up any residual toner left in the case. Today, there are no-shake toner cartridges that will do away with this time-consuming process. No-shake toner cartridges control the flow of toner and redistribute it constantly. With these models of toner cartridges, you can be sure that you get every penny's worth of toner in your printing. Presently, HP offers these types of toner cartridges in only a few models. Soon, these will become far more available in a variety of models, probably including yours.

What should I do if my laser printer toner cartridge is leaking?

The Most Common Problem with a Laser Printer Toner Cartridge

Most things deteriorate with age. A laser printer toner cartridge is not an exception to this probability. Laser printer toner cartridges are well manufactured, however, in the end they are made from plastics. Laser printers and copiers generate heat when they run. This heat can eventually get to the plastic casing of the laser printer toner cartridge leading to their most common malfunction – leaks.

Older laser printer toner cartridges can develop cracks or even holes. These cracks and holes will lead to toner leaking into the machine and poor print results. If you are noticing smears in your prints from your laser printer, your laser printer toner cartridge may be leaking. If so, replace it with a new cartridge. You can buy a refillable or non-refillable cartridge, but replace it quickly so you do not risk damaging your copier.

What tools will I need to clean my laser toner cartridge?

Tools to Help Clean Your Laser Toner Cartridge

If you have had your copier for some time, chances are that your laser toner cartridge is due for a cleaning. Cleaning refillable laser toner cartridges is essential to extending the quality and life of your copier or printer. Here are a few tools that you will want handy when you are cleaning your cartridge.

A Mask – The particles that gather in a laser toner cartridge are toxic and should never be inhaled. Use a mask that can filter fine particles and odors. These are easily found in the painting section of your local hardware store.

Jars of Compressed Air – The black powder that is the laser toner inside the cartridge is very fine and is easiest to just blow away with a can of compressed air.

Cotton Swabs & Alcohol – Using these two pieces in combination is the best way to get all of the toner out of the cartridge. The alcohol will get the cartridge clean and ready for the refill.

Look for recommended cleaning instructions for your particular laser toner cartridge in your manual. No matter what type of copier you have, each of the tools above will be essential.

Why does laser printer toner give me bad prints if I don’t use it for a while?

When Laser Printer Toner Goes Bad

Anyone who uses a laser printer knows that when it comes to laser printer toner, if you don't use it, you could lose it. Toner that sits for extended periods of time can deteriorate and lead to poor printing results. Curious why that happens? Here is a short explanation.

Laser printer toner is not liquid. This is the first thing to get out of the way. As opposed to liquid ink, laser printer toner is actually a very, very fine powder. The powder is ink in a dried form so that it will react with the laser to burn the print to the paper. Because of the fine nature of the powder, elements such as moisture can lead to clumping over time of not being used. When used, the toner is mixed around inside of the cartridge. This is why toner cartridges are made with very tight seals. The clumping in the powder will eventually lead to clogs in the printing process and smeared results. If you think your laser printer toner may be starting to go bad, don't worry. You can clean out your laser toner cartridge and refill it with fresh toner. Just be sure to run it once in a while next time to mix it up… literally.

How does the Dell ink and toner management system work?

The Dell Ink And Toner Management System

If you're considering using Dell products, you may have heard of their Dell ink and toner management system. The Dell ink and toner management system is Dell's answer to keeping their consumers aware of ink and toner levels. The Dell ink and toner management system operates so that you'll always be notified long before you run out of ink. You get notification of low levels of ink or toner in your machine. Dell lets you go directly to the ordering page of your specific product so that you can replace your low ink or toner immediately. You'll be able to get a new cartridge before your old one runs out. This direct ordering system allows you to order straight from Dell without the cost of a middleman markup. The toner and ink cartridges qualify as part of their recycle program, as well.

Is there a recycle program for Epson toners?

The Epson Toner Recycle Program

If you're using Epson toner, you can help the environment by participating in the recycle program. Epson has a recycle program that is free of cost for its AcuLaser CX11N Epson toner cartridges. All you have to do is go to the Epson website and find the recycle program page. On the recycle program page, you can fill out a form to receive prepaid shipping labels to attach to your packaged, old Epson toner. Epson also offers a discount for the future purchase of their toner through their own website.

If you're not a user of the AcuLaser CX11N Epson toner series, you can still recycle items like printers, scanners and other hardware. Epson is currently offering a $5 off discount that is good towards future purchases of items at the Epson store for returning items though their recycle program.

What is the difference between toner and inkjet printing?

The Different Between Toner and Inkjet

In the world of color printing, there are two main types of printing methods used. Laser printing and inkjet printing have become the standard for homes, offices, and any other small printing stations. What is the difference between the two, well, there are many.

First, inkjet printing is a little easier to understand. This is because it is more like using a pen to print your name than anything else. With inkjet, the printer gives you a print by pressing the ink to the paper for adherence. Laser printing with toner is different because it does not rely on pressure to adhere the print, but rather ‘burns' the toner onto the paper with laser technology. This is the basic difference between the two. Inkjet printing has become the standard for low-cost color printing. However, laser printing with toner is definitely worth the extra cost if you have a printing job that needs the best in quality.

Check with a printer manufacturer for more specifications on both inkjet and laser toner printers.

Is there a way to print magnetic ink recognition for my business with my HP?

The Troy Font And Toner Kit For HP Printers

If your office has a need for magnetic ink recognition printing (MICR), rather than purchasing a separate printer with the capability, you may be able to upgrade. MICR is the set of characters and symbols you see on financial institution documents and bank checks. HP printers can use the Troy font and toner kit to perform MICR type functions like printing checks or other financial documents. You can also switch back and forth between printing standard documents and those which require MICR printing. The kit essentially provides you with the software for the necessary fonts, as well as a toner cartridge. The Troy font and toner kit for HP printers is appropriate for schools, financial institutions and the publishing industry.

Could my toner cause smearing on my printouts?

How To Solve Toner Smears

If you're seeing toner smears on the edge of your printouts, you could have dirty media guides or other issues causing the faulty printouts. Toner smears are easily correctable in some cases. To get your printouts looking crisp and clean again, there are a few tricks you can try with your toner.

  • Wipe the media guides clean of any dirt and debris with a dry cloth. Make sure your cloth is free of lint before you clean out your media guides.
  • Check the type and quality of paper you're using, as certain media are prone to smearing.
  • Check the temperature of your fuser to make sure it's not too low.
  • In your printer driver, make sure that you are matching the appropriate paper type with what your toner is printing on. Choosing the wrong medium could cause toner smears.

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