The Epson Toner Recycle Program

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Is there a recycle program for Epson toners?

The Epson Toner Recycle Program

If you're using Epson toner, you can help the environment by participating in the recycle program. Epson has a recycle program that is free of cost for its AcuLaser CX11N Epson toner cartridges. All you have to do is go to the Epson website and find the recycle program page. On the recycle program page, you can fill out a form to receive prepaid shipping labels to attach to your packaged, old Epson toner. Epson also offers a discount for the future purchase of their toner through their own website.

If you're not a user of the AcuLaser CX11N Epson toner series, you can still recycle items like printers, scanners and other hardware. Epson is currently offering a $5 off discount that is good towards future purchases of items at the Epson store for returning items though their recycle program.



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