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Do manufacturers benefit from recycling toner cartridges?

Recycling Toner Cartridges - A Manufacturers Coup

You may wonder how certain companies stay at the top of their industry for so long. When it comes to the makers of printers and toner, the leaders stay on top by using innovative means to keep their customers loyal. One of the smartest ways came with the advent of recycling. Recycling toner cartridges through the manufacturer makes for a loyal customer. Many printers and copiers use toner that is also made and sold by the same manufacturer. This alone helps ensure the manufacturer that their recent printer or copier customer will be purchasing toner from them as well.

However, there are still other companies that make compliant toner you can use. When manufacturers began recycling toner cartridges, there was an all new incentive for buyers to keep purchasing their toner from the same manufacturer. Between the environmental savings and the familiarity with the manufacturer, the customer will have a much stronger probability of maintaining their purchasing from this same manufacturer. Recycling toner cartridges is definitely great for the environment and great for convenience. Don't buy the completely altruistic motives selling points though; manufacturers have a great deal to gain as well by recycling toner cartridges.

For as much as they use, do universities have toner recycle programs?

University Toner Recycle Programs

If you are a student at any major university and are concerned with the environment but cannot sacrifice your computer printing needs, look into a University sponsored toner recycle program. Many colleges and universities have established toner recycle programs for the faculty and students to participate in. These types of programs typically are administered by your grounds services office, but you can check with your university by contacting the administrative offices.

If you learn that your school does not offer a toner recycle program, see if you can help establish one for the future. You will be doing the whole earth a favor and providing a true resource to the university students and faculty. Universities go through more laser toner than most businesses or offices. Because of this, it is extra important that they all have toner recycle programs in place. Check into your schools availability the next time your see you are low on toner.

Are there any downsides to buying from laser toner recycling companies?

Downsides to Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling

Not everyone is a huge believer in buying from laser toner recycling companies. There are downsides that make the cost-benefit analysis a little less clear than you may think. Here are a few recognized downsides to buying your supplies from laser toner cartridge recycling companies.

  • Toner Quality & Type - The toner used by the manufacturers is designed specifically to work in the cartridges they make and in the printers they make. Most laser toner cartridge recycling companies use toner that is designed for copiers, and only copiers. Printer toner has different properties and mixing the two will definitely reduce print quality.
  • Recycle Everything – Many companies that exclusively deal in laser toner cartridge recycling will only recycle the toner and not the cartridge. Most original manufacturers offer their own recycling options on their packaging.

The difference; manufacturers recycle the toner and the cartridge instead of just reusing the components. It is great that you want to help by participating in laser toner cartridge recycling. Know of the downsides and be sure that when you do make your choice, you weigh all the options and make the best choice.

Can my office save any money with recycled toner?

Recycle Toner in Your Office and Save

For offices that want to cut the costs of their supplies, obvious solutions are often overlooked in favor of far-fetched plans. One of the most overlooked ways to save on your office printing costs is to enroll in a toner recycle program. There are many companies that have joined these types of cooperatives where many companies recycle their unused toner. Here are a few ways that it can help.

  • Cartridges – In any toner recycle program, you will want to have a refillable toner cartridge. Because you are refilling your same cartridge and not buying a new one, your costs are immediately reduced greatly.
  • Maintenance – Many toner recycle programs will provide you with support technicians who can assist in collecting and refilling your empty toner cartridges. If your recycled toner causes any printing issues, maintenance won't cost a dime.
  • Headaches – When you join a toner recycle program, you will rarely be caught in a situation where your printer or copier runs dry.

Most toner recycling businesses will have an extra bottle around for refilling at all times. No more headaches from broken print jobs and incomplete copies.

Are recycled toners any good?

Are recycled toners any good?

Here is a very straight forward question that has no straight forward answer. The truth is, the quality of recycled toner will greatly depend on where you get it and who did the recycling. Here are some things to look out for to help you determine for yourself if recycled toners are any good. First, get details on the process. If you are making a big toner purchase from a company, they should have no problem letting you know what their toner recycling process is. Ask about toner mixing in the process.

Toners are made differently for different purposes and mixing the types can cause a sever loss in quality. Also, if you are making a big purchase, ask for references from current users of the recycled toner. The best people to ask about whether recycled toners are any good are those that have used it from the company you are thinking of buying from. Get reviews with regard to durability, lifespan, and printing quality. Be sure to compare apples to apples when it comes to your toner needs. Are recycled toners any good? From a good company, they are as good as from the manufacturer. You will want to do the research on your own to see if the company you are thinking about is a good one.

How can I recycle my toner cartridge when it is empty?

Toner Cartridge Recycling Programs

To reduce the waste created by offices and schools around the globe, many companies and organizations have begun toner cartridge recycling programs. Toner cartridges account for more waste than most could imagine and it makes sense when you consider how much printing occurs in our daily lives. Toner cartridge recycling programs are popping up in many places and here is where to look for them.

First, if you have a school or university in your area, there is a great chance that they offer toner cartridge recycling. Simply contact the administration and inquire if they accept toner cartridges from the public for recycling. If they do not, your next place to look would be your local government.

As a toner cartridge contains chemicals that are not best to recycle with plain plastic, some areas have specific drop places for toner cartridge recycling. Contact your local utility carrier to inquire. Many online remanufacturers of toner cartridges will also take your empty toner cartridge. You can find their websites and contact information easily by searching the web, and many will provide you with discounted pricing on new toner cartridges in exchange. Do what you can to help reduce waste by recycling your toner cartridge the next time it runs out.

Why do you align the ink cartridge after installing it?

Ink Refill Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Keep Your Original Packaging – Most toner manufacturers will include detailed instructions for toner recycle programs that they have. If you get rid of the original packaging that your toner came in, check with the manufacturer's website for instructions.
  2. Use It All – Toner recycling is great, but if people used all of their toner, it wouldn't be as necessary. Too many offices do not use all of the toner in their cartridges. Be sure to shake that cartridge before giving up on it. You probably have more left in the tank than you thought.
  3. Package With Care – When you are sending empty cartridges in to a toner recycle plant, be sure you package the empty cartridge well. Often, there is toner residue that cab leak or bleed out if not sealed well.
  4. Exchange – Many manufacturers and exclusive toner recycle companies will offer incentives for recycling with them. These can often come in the form of exchanging your empty toner cartridge for another at a discount. Be sure to inquire about this and take advantage when offered.

Can I participate in toner recycling with my Xerox copier and printer?

Can I participate in toner recycling with my Xerox copier and printer?

Xerox was one of the first to introduce toner recycling for their line of products. Recycling toner is easy with their programs and here is a quick run down of the procedures depending on your Xerox product. For your all-in-one Xerox printer, copier, and fax machine, almost every box of toner cartridges comes with a return shipping label. These return labels are included so that when your cartridge is spent, you can easily send it back to them for recycling. The recycling of toner cartridges includes cleaning, and remanufacturing of the whole unit before returning it to the market. If you have a refillable toner cartridge and find you have plenty of waste toner, you can also send it back to Xerox for toner recycling. There should also be prepaid shipping labels provided for toner refills. You can send your waste toner back for remixing and distribution.

The only product for which you will have to request a shipping label from Xerox is for toner refill bottles. If this is your need when it comes to toner recycling, simply visit the Xerox website and you can request your shipping label directly from them. With all of these easy options, there is no excuse for not participating in toner recycling if you own a Xerox brand copier, printer, or fax machine.

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