Recycle Toner in Your Office and Save

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Can my office save any money with recycled toner?

Recycle Toner in Your Office and Save

For offices that want to cut the costs of their supplies, obvious solutions are often overlooked in favor of far-fetched plans. One of the most overlooked ways to save on your office printing costs is to enroll in a toner recycle program. There are many companies that have joined these types of cooperatives where many companies recycle their unused toner. Here are a few ways that it can help.

  • Cartridges – In any toner recycle program, you will want to have a refillable toner cartridge. Because you are refilling your same cartridge and not buying a new one, your costs are immediately reduced greatly.
  • Maintenance – Many toner recycle programs will provide you with support technicians who can assist in collecting and refilling your empty toner cartridges. If your recycled toner causes any printing issues, maintenance won't cost a dime.
  • Headaches – When you join a toner recycle program, you will rarely be caught in a situation where your printer or copier runs dry.

Most toner recycling businesses will have an extra bottle around for refilling at all times. No more headaches from broken print jobs and incomplete copies.



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