University Toner Recycle Programs

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For as much as they use, do universities have toner recycle programs?

University Toner Recycle Programs

If you are a student at any major university and are concerned with the environment but cannot sacrifice your computer printing needs, look into a University sponsored toner recycle program. Many colleges and universities have established toner recycle programs for the faculty and students to participate in. These types of programs typically are administered by your grounds services office, but you can check with your university by contacting the administrative offices.

If you learn that your school does not offer a toner recycle program, see if you can help establish one for the future. You will be doing the whole earth a favor and providing a true resource to the university students and faculty. Universities go through more laser toner than most businesses or offices. Because of this, it is extra important that they all have toner recycle programs in place. Check into your schools availability the next time your see you are low on toner.



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