Redistributing HP Toner To Correct Faded Prints

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Is there a way to fix faded prints without having to buy a new ink cartridge?

Redistributing HP Toner To Correct Faded Prints

If your prints are coming out faint, it may be time to replace your HP toner. However, when time is tight and you need to finish a job quickly, you can attempt to redistribute your HP toner to finish the prints. The steps to redistribute the toner with an HP laserjet are below:

  • First, open the printer door and remove the HP toner cartridge from the printer.
  • Hold the cartridge at each end and use a gentle motion to rock the cartridge from front to back.
  • Replace the cartridge in the HP laserjet and close the door.
  • It's important not to expose the HP toner to prolonged light as this could cause damage to the unit. You can cover the cartridge with a piece of paper if you need to leave it out for more than a brief period.



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