The Different Types Of Fade Resistance On Photo Printer Paper

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What affects fading on photo printer paper?

The Different Types Of Fade Resistance On Photo Printer Paper

Photo printer paper can fade for various reasons. Wilhelm Imaging Research, which conducts tests on the photo permanence of traditional and digital photographs, typically tests for four different types of fade resistance when it comes to photo printer paper. Fade resistance includes light fade, thermal degradation or dark fade, air fade and humidity.

Light fade – Light fade occurs when photo printer paper is exposed to light in normal circumstances.

Thermal degradation – Photo printer paper can show fading even when placed in room temperature over a given time period.

Air fade – Factors like pollution and the deterioration of the ozone layer can cause fading in photo printer paper.

Humidity – The moisture from humid environments can cause a change in the hue of a color or take away the vibrancy of a print.



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