Printer Ink Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions should I take when refilling my laser toner cartridge?

What tools will I need to clean my laser toner cartridge?

Why does laser printer toner give me bad prints if I donít use it for a while?

What should I do if my laser printer toner cartridge is leaking?

How can I clean up spilled laser toner from fabric?

Is there any way to make my laser printer toner last longer?

What are the advantages to laser toner printers over inkjet?

What are safety concerns when I change my laser toner?

Can I get free shipping when I order my laser toner online?

Is there anything I can do when my fax toner is running low to extend its life?

What is a good way to unclog clogged fax ink cartridges?

Should I buy the generic or the Xerox fax toner cartridge for my fax machine?

What models of fax machines use laser fax toner instead of ink?

Where can I sell my empty fax toner cartridges?

Can humidity be a problem for my fax machine and fax toner?

Why should I buy a remanufactured ink cartridge instead of an original?

Should I buy my ink cartridges online?

Where can I find discount ink cartridges?

Why do you align the ink cartridge after installing it?

Will cheap ink cartridges give me poor print results?

Are name brand ink cartridges worth the money?

What makes a remanufactured ink cartridge so good for the environment?

How expensive are color and black ink cartridges?

Where can I find discount ink cartridges for a photo printer?

The ink cartridge I just bought is faulty, what should I do?

Where can I find cheap ink cartridges for my printer?

How do ink cartridges and print head motors make my printer print?

How is an inkjet cartridge constructed?

Why are there so many types of inkjet cartridges for HP model printers?

Why do so many inkjet printer cartridges come in packages of two?

When should I replace my inkjet printer cartridges?

Will inkjet refills save me money on my overall printing costs?

How should I dispose of my inkjet cartridge when it is empty?

How do I clean my inkjet cartridge?

How do inkjet printers and inkjet cartridges work?

How can I fix my inkjet printer cartridge when it prints with lines?

What are 'bundles' of inkjet printer cartridges?

Is it worth the savings to use inkjet refills?

What is the difference between recycling and remanufacturing an inkjet cartridge?

How can I conserve printer ink?

How do I change my printer cartridge?

How do I know what type of printer ink cartridge I need for my printer?

Can I save money on expensive printer cartridges?

Will I save in the long run if I buy printer ink cartridges in bulk quantity?

What do I do when my printer ink is smearing on my prints?

How do I refill my color printer ink?

How do I replace my color printer cartridge?

How can I get more life from color printer ink cartridges?

Why are printer cartridges so expensive compared to a whole new printer?

Which manufacturer is the most responsible in recycling printer ink cartridges?

What is the best way to remove printer ink from clothing?

What can I do to conserve my color printer ink?

Will printer ink from the manufacturer give me the best quality?

Where can I get answers to questions about printer ink?

Where should I start when I try to recycle ink cartridges?

Are there places on the Web that recycle ink cartridges?

Would ink cartridge recycling make for a good fundraiser?

Should I buy recycled ink cartridges instead of brand new ones?

Does ink affect recycling paper?

Are there any charities that recycle ink cartridges and will take my empty as a donation?

How are ink cartridge casings recycled?

What are some companies that recycle ink cartridges

How can my business save with ink cartridge recycling?

Where can I buy recycled ink cartridges?

Is ink recycling something everyone should participate in?

Can my office save any money with recycled toner?

Are there any downsides to buying from laser toner recycling companies?

Do manufacturers benefit from recycling toner cartridges?

Are recycled toners any good?

Can I participate in toner recycling with my Xerox copier and printer?

Why do you align the ink cartridge after installing it?

For as much as they use, do universities have toner recycle programs?

Do toner cartridges go all the way dry or should I try to squeeze a little more out?

What are remanufactured toner cartridges?

What is the difference between toner and inkjet printing?

How can I recycle my toner cartridge when it is empty?

How do I replace my laser printer toner?

Where can I find wholesale toner cartridges?

How do I know the best toner for my machine?

Am I at risk for fraud when I order toner?

How does laser toner make prints in my printer?

What is MICR toner?

How can I cut down on my toner costs?

What different types of copier toner are there?

Does Xerox make their own Xerox toner for their copiers?

How do I replace my Xerox toner cartridge?

Can copier toner cartridges go bad if not used?

Can I locate discount Xerox copier toner cartridges?

What are the options when it comes to copier toner cartridges?

I am having problems with my ink refill kit, what should I do?

Use Ink Refills Before You Are Running on Empty

Should I use printer ink refills for my home printer?

How can I prevent a huge mess when I refill an ink cartridge?

What should come in an ink refill kit?

Why doesn't my printer print right after an ink refill?

Why should I use a laser toner refill instead of buying a new cartridge?

Will using a toner refill mean I don't have to buy cartridges again?

Why do some toner refill kits come with a hole making tool?

How do generic toner refill kits work?

How can I order my toner refills online?

Is the warranty for compatible Canon ink cartridges the same as the manufacturer warranty?

How do I figure out which Dell ink cartridge I need for my printer?

Is there a way to recycle my old Lexmark ink cartridges?

Can you tell me if there is certification for compatible printer ink?

What factors contribute to the actual page yield youíll get?

How does printing efficiency impact page yields?

Which printers use the most ink?

Do you have photo tips for using ink cartridges with HP printers?

How long do photos last after you print them?

How can I save money on Canon ink cartridges?

How long do Epson Ink Cartridges tend to last?

Can I buy quality compatible Epson printer ink?

What is different about the Solid Xerox ink products?

Are there ways to save my printer ink from running out so fast?

What is the ink cartridge yield?

What is the difference between the Epson ink types?

What are compatible ink cartridges?

Why are printer inks so expensive?

What is the difference between Brother ink cartridges and toner?

How long will my Dell toner last?

Do the Lexmark Toner cartridges adhere to any standards?

Where can I find out about Samsung toner cartridge reviews?

Is there a way to get more use out of the life of my toner cartridges?

Can you tell me how to save money on toner supplies?

How can I get the most life out of my toner cartridge?

Is there a recycle program for old toner cartridges?

Laser printers, toner cartridges

Can I get volume discounts when I buy Sharp Copier Toner?

How much do I have to order in toner cartridges to qualify for a corporate account?

What are the benefits of using bottled copier toners?

Is buying photocopy toner in bulk really worth it?

What is Lexmarkís policy on recycling toners?

Can I convert my Sharp copier to a printer?

Does paper affect my photocopy toner?

Should I be concerned about inhalation around toner cartridges?

What additional costs do I have besides the cost of a laser copier?

Is there a difference between the Brother toner cartridge and the compatible version?

Is there a place where I can get affordable Samsung cartridges and toner?

How is Brother fax toner supposed to be better than third party versions?

How does a laser fax toner work?

Does the weather affect my laser fax toner?

Is there an affordable multi-function printer for faxing?

Is there technology to block unwanted faxes?

Is there an environmentally friendly fax solution?

Can nonprofits benefit from recycling old toner cartridges?

Are inkjet refill cartridges legal to use?

How many times can you refill an ink cartridge?

Does refilling ink cartridges help the environment?

Is it cost effective to get refills for your inkjet cartridges?

Where can I go to get refill ink for my printer?

Are there any requirements for refilling my ink cartridge?

What is an ink refill kit?

How do I refill ink with an inkjet refill kit?

How should I refill ink on my Canon printer?

Are remanufactured ink and toner cartridges

What are remanufactured ink and toner cartridges?

How do remanufactured ink cartridges work?

Is refill ink a reliable solution for my printer?

How long do remanufactured cartridge inks last when it comes to printing?

Are there quality HP refurbished cartridges available?

Is the remanufactured cartridge good for the environment?

How does a refill store actually help the environment?

How does the Lexmark return program work?

Is it worth it to get an HP Inkjet rather than going to a professional printer?

What HP inkjet printer cartridge should I get if Iím looking for quality and price?

Are the inkjet cartridge yields that manufacturers give really accurate?

Are remanufactured cartridges as good as the Lexmark inkjet versions?

How much does it actually cost me per page for inkjet printer cartridges?

How long will my inkjet ink cartridges last if Iím just keeping it on the shelf?

How do you clean an inkjet cartridge?

Is there a way to manually clean the inkjet cartridge?

Are there things I should avoid doing with my inkjet cartridges to make sure I donít damage them?

Which is the difference between the different types of Epson inkjet paper?

What are some at-home projects I can create with inkjet paper?

What is the difference between the different types of photo paper surfaces?

How do I know what size paper to buy for greeting cards and other projects?

What is the difference between the varieties of HP printer paper?

How do I know which photo paper finish is right for my printing needs?

What is photo permanence?

What affects fading on photo printer paper?

Is there a way to make the image on my photo printing paper last?

Are there alternate ways of saving money besides getting toner refills?

Who supplies the governmentís ink toner refills?

Are there any laws regarding refilling your toner?

What do I do about a leaky toner cartridge?

Why is my toner cartridge not working properly?

What law protects my warranty if I refill my toner?

How do you use a toner refill kit?

Is it important to choose a quality toner refill?

Why do I get a low toner message after Iíve refilled my printer toner?

What is the Canon toner reuse system?

How do I recycle my Dell toner?

Why does the toner transfer an image when the paper is folded in half?

Does cleaning the HP toner cartridge drum help get rid of smears on printouts?

How do I figure out the page yields of a Lexmark toner cartridge?

Is there a way to fix faded prints without having to buy a new ink cartridge?

Could my toner cause smearing on my printouts?

Is there a recycle program for Epson toners?

How does the Dell ink and toner management system work?

Is there a way to print magnetic ink recognition for my business with my HP?

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