Inkjet Cartridges for HP Printers

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Why are there so many types of inkjet cartridges for HP model printers?

Inkjet Cartridges for HP Printers

If you own an HP printer, you have no doubt noticed the vast number of inkjet cartridges that they produce for their different models. Many people wonder why there is no universal size and shape for inkjet cartridges rather than the multitude of types. There are many answers to this question and here are a few.

First, different inkjet printers are made for different purposes. Personal printers are not made for large amounts of printing, while larger units for offices are. This means that there is a different need in the inkjet cartridges for each. Larger units will require inkjet cartridges that have more ink in them, to last for longer projects. There is also a matter of printing capabilities for size and color.

Some printers can print larger sizes than others and therefore need larger inkjet cartridges. Also, there is a matter of market demand. HP, and other printer companies, are aware that the demands of the printing market make for many opportunities for brand loyalty. If HP printers will only work with HP inkjet cartridges, than they know that the consumer will have no choice but to buy their products. It is a tactic employed in many other industries, from automotive to cleaning supplies, and inkjet cartridges are no different.



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