When to Replace Your Inkjet Printer Cartridges

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When should I replace my inkjet printer cartridges?

When to Replace Your Inkjet Printer Cartridges

Too many people wait until they are seeing bad prints or until their computer simply won't print anymore to replace their inkjet printer cartridges. If you do not want to be in this group, there are ways that you can act to preempt such a predicament. Many inkjet printer cartridges have a meter on them that allows you to monitor the amount of ink left. Granted, you need to pull the inkjet cartridge out to see this, but it is useful if you see some errors and just want to see for yourself what is left in the tank.

Computer operating systems also can often provide you with an alert as to your inkjet printer cartridges. Whether you have single or multiple cartridges for black and white and color printing, many printers will talk to the computer to alert you when they are running low. Often, you can keep up with your ink content at any time, low or full. Don't deal with poor prints if you don't have to. When your inkjet printer cartridges are starting to run low, go ahead and switch them out to save you from unnecessary bad prints.



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