Don't Just Toss Your Used Inkjet Cartridge

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How should I dispose of my inkjet cartridge when it is empty?

Don't Just Toss Your Used Inkjet Cartridge

Recycling has become a standard for many offices and all but law in many areas. As aware as everyone is becoming of the needs to recycle, small things are still too often overlooked. Recycling aims to reduce the waste we create from such things as plastics and chemicals, both of which are in every inkjet cartridge on the market. Next time you have an empty inkjet cartridge you are about to toss in the trash think about a few things.

First, there are now companies that recycle inkjet cartridges. Many even will offer discounts on new cartridges in exchange for your used ones. This saves the manufacturer from the need to produce more plastics and saves you money, so everyone wins.

Recycling an inkjet cartridge doesn't need to involve a manufacturer. You can simply recycle them with the rest of your plastics in your normal recycling bin at home. As important as it is for the future, don't neglect to recycle that inkjet cartridge instead of throwing it in with the garbage.



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