Cleaning Your Inkjet Cartridge

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How do I clean my inkjet cartridge?

Cleaning Your Inkjet Cartridge

If you see that your printer is printing with lines or splotches, you may need to clean your inkjet cartridge. Cleaning an inkjet cartridge is easy and most computers will walk you through the process. First, load your printer properties in your control panel. The maintenance menu should have the cleaning option. If you go through the cleaning process and still can't get good prints, you may need a hand cleaning.

To clean the inkjet cartridge by hand, you will first want to remove the cartridge from the printer. It is recommended that you use a paper towel for this step. Carefully wipe the bottom of the inkjet cartridge head where the ink comes out with the paper towel. If you see a build up of ink on the head, you may have an impediment in the cartridge. If this is the case or if the cleaning by hand still does not fix the problem, you may need a new cartridge. Be sure to recycle this one where it will get a good cleaning in its remanufacturing.



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