Repairing an Inkjet Printer Cartridge and Head

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How can I fix my inkjet printer cartridge when it prints with lines?

Repairing an Inkjet Printer Cartridge and Head

If your printer is giving you lines in each print, you may have a faulty inkjet printer cartridge or printer head. The former is an easy fix, while the latter could cause problems. First, many printers have the print head as a fixed part of the unit. This makes them only repairable by a service technician. Many Epson brand printers are made this way. Also, as opposed to inkjet printer cartridges, which can be easily cleaned or replaced, printer heads are costly to repair and often not worth the trouble.

As low priced as inkjet printers are, you are often better off simply buying a new unit. If you think you may need to repair your inkjet printer head or replace your inkjet printer cartridge, run your system troubleshooting program and see if it can tell you what is wrong. If it doesn't, bring your printer to a local Best Buy or other computer repair store and ask for their hands-on assistance.



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