Conserving Your Printer Ink

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How can I conserve printer ink?

Conserving Your Printer Ink

Nothing is more frustrating than starting an important print job only to find that you run out of printer ink half way through. Of course, printer ink will always eventually run dry. However, you can conserve your ink cartridge over time and stretch the life of your printer ink for that one last job. Here are a few ways you can help yourself conserve.

  • Quality – By this, I mean to only print in the quality that you need for each job. If you do mostly draft work, be sure to set you printer to print at a fast and lower quality setting. The quality setting directly relates to the amount of printer ink that is used for the job. The lower the quality, the less ink used.
  • Quantity – With the benefits of electronic communication, printing in quantity is often unnecessary. Be sure to double check your print job before you begin each print so that you do what you can to not waste printer ink on bad prints. Also, do not print more copies of your work than are necessary.

Again, printer ink cartridges all run out at some point, so there is no guarantee that you will never find yourself stuck in printing limbo. What you can do is follow these conservation tips and keep an extra printer ink cartridge around in case it happens.



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