Conserving Color Printer Ink

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What can I do to conserve my color printer ink?

Conserving Color Printer Ink

Anyone with a printer knows that color printer ink is far more expensive than black ink. If you want to keep from buying color printer ink more often than you need to, here are a few ways to conserve.

  • Print Settings – Most color printers offer you choices for the quality of your prints. The most common are “Normal”, “Best”, and “Econofast”. If you want your color printer ink to last as long as possible and do not need the highest quality prints, choose the econofast setting as your default.
  • Don't Need Color? Don't Use It! – Most print jobs do not require color printer ink. For most documents, only the black cartridge is necessary. Be sure that when you are printing black and white documents or images that you change your print settings for black and white printing instead of color.
  • Better Paper – Believe it or not, the quality of your printer paper can affect your ink usage. With better paper, you can print at a lower quality and not lose as much in terms of the end print. As cheap as paper is when compared to printer ink, this is a viable option in the long run.

There are many other ways to conserve printer ink. Take a look at our other resources here at LifeTips and at those provided by our sponsors.



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