Recycle Ink Cartridges for Charity and Help

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Are there any charities that recycle ink cartridges and will take my empty as a donation?

Recycle Ink Cartridges for Charity and Help

If you are looking for a way to make a charitable contribution without digging deep into your wallet, there are ways. For one, you can donate things that you don't need or would otherwise throw away. A good charitable contribution you can make like this is to recycle ink cartridges that are empty and waiting for the trash. Donating a recycled ink cartridge is easy.

For the largest resource in finding charities that will accept them, use the Internet. Many of those that recycle ink cartridges will make it easy by paying your postage and providing you with the packaging. All it takes is one web search, one phone call, and one trip to the post office and you can feel good knowing that you found a way to help others without hurting your pocketbook.



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