How To Save Your Printer Ink

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Are there ways to save my printer ink from running out so fast?

How To Save Your Printer Ink

If you're using printer ink with any frequency, you're likely spending a fortune buying new cartridges on a regular basis. However, there are ways to conserve your printer ink so that you're not wasting your precious supply.

  • Set your printer to the economy setting. If you're printing out sheets for your own use, proofreading, or a trial run, check the printer settings on your printer. By printing copies on the economy setting, you'll be using less ink, but you'll still get copies good enough to read for your own use.
  • Do a partial test copy. Are you printing out color photos or graphics on your printer? Don't print a full copy of the entire piece, only to find out you need to tweak the color, change the paper, or the printer settings. If you're using a software program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you can cover up a portion of the photo or graphic so that you can print a smaller part and waste less printer ink.
  • Clean your printer head on a regular basis. Have you ever printed out full sheets of text, photos, or graphics, only to find out a color is missing or you have streaks on all of your sheets? You can avoid having to re-print by cleaning your printer head on a regular basis.



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