The Difference Between Brother Ink Cartridges And Toner

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What is the difference between Brother ink cartridges and toner?

The Difference Between Brother Ink Cartridges And Toner Tip: Do the number of printing supply accessories make your head spin? If you're shopping for replacements for your Brother equipment and aren't sure whether you need Brother ink cartridges or toner, find out what your equipment uses first.

Equipment needing new toner typically include laser printers, which operate on a drum system. The printer quality of toner depends on factors like particle size, shape and color pigmentation of the toner. The Brother toner particles provide a balance of even flow and particle distribution to produce an even print on paper.

Brother ink cartridges replace ink needed in equipment, such as inkjet printers. Brother ink cartridges have a formulated ink system to produce true color matching, evenly distributed printouts and prevent undo smearing or clogging of your equipment.



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