Technology For Avoiding Wasted Fax Toner

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Is there technology to block unwanted faxes?

Technology For Avoiding Wasted Fax Toner

Unfortunately, one of the biggest wastes of fax toner is receiving junk mail through your fax machine. From unwanted mortgage rate deals to real estate deals, junk mail proliferates every business and home office with a fax machine. However, there is now a patent for technology that can screen and block out these toner wasting calls. Venali, Inc. a provider of Internet fax services, now has a patent that reportedly can weed out 100 percent of the unsolicited junk mail calls through a fax machine. Venali isn't necessarily keeping the patent entirely to themselves, either. The company is examining the possibility of licensing out their patent to outside parties in the future. Although the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is in place to stop such unwarranted calls, the number of unsolicited advertisements via fax machines is still prevalent, according to a Venali press release.



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