Ink Cartridge Refills Get Phased Out

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How many times can you refill an ink cartridge?

Ink Cartridge Refills Get Phased Out

In a world where the big name printer manufacturers are jockeying for their share of the ink cartridge refills market, it's interesting to note what is happening in the retail distribution of these products. Recently, in 2007, Staples announced they are phasing out their own brand of HP compatible ink cartridge refills in an agreement with HP. The result is that customers who rely on Staples for the ink cartridge refills will have no other option than to purchase the much costlier HP ink cartridges.

However, for consumers who prefer to take the refill route with their ink cartridges, there are still resources to consider. Retail locations for refilling ink cartridges are now popping up throughout the United States. One such retailer, Cartridge World, states they can do refills of ink cartridges an average of three to eight times and refills of remanufactured laser cartridges indefinitely.



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