Where To Go To Refill Ink

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Where can I go to get refill ink for my printer?

Where To Go To Refill Ink

According to Jim Forrest, a senior analyst with Lyra Research, the ink business is a $32 billion dollar worldwide industry. It's also an industry that has driven up the prices of ink because the choices for consumers to purchase replacements for their used ink cartridges can be limited. However, a number of people are looking for ways to curb the high costs, including using refill ink for their equipment.

  • If you're looking to go the refill ink route, rather than buying a replacement cartridge, there are a number of places popping up nationwide where you can go.
  • Cartridge World is a chain ink and toner refill store with over 500 locations throughout the United States.
  • Walgreens photo labs also now provide refill ink. As of April 2007, there are 1,500 locations out of the 5,000 Walgreens retail spots that offer the refill ink service.
  • Office Max has started creating ink refill stations in hundreds of its retail locations at a 50 percent savings over buying new ink cartridges.
  • Local mom and pop type refill ink locations are also opening up. Carmel Ink and Toner in the Indianapolis area is a new shop on the scene.



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