The Basics Of An Ink Refill Kit

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What is an ink refill kit?

The Basics Of An Ink Refill Kit

There used to be a time when consumers could only purchase a brand new cartridge from the manufacturer whenever their ink ran out. Now there are a number of alternatives to choose from. One option is purchasing an ink refill kit. An ink refill kit basically contains all of the items you need to replenish your printer with ink when your cartridge is empty. It's a do-it-yourself, more economical method of replacing your printer's ink.

An ink refill kit will typically contain the instructions you need to refill your printer ink, inks to refill your cartridges, syringes for each color of ink, alcohol wipes for cleaning and a pair of rubber gloves to keep hands clean. In some cases, you may need additional accessories that may come with an ink refill kit, as well.

  • A vent hole drill will enlarge the existing vent hole in certain cases where need be.
  • Set screws are useful for sealing.
  • Allyn keys aid in the setting of the screws.
  • Rubber seal plugs seal the refill area.



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