Ink Refill Instructions For Canon Printer Users

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How should I refill ink on my Canon printer?

Ink Refill Instructions For Canon Printer Users

When the red light comes up on your Canon printer, you know it's time for new ink. If you're contemplating going the route of refills and looking for ink refill instructions, take a look at our guide to get you started. Our ink refill instructions will walk you through the process of changing ink for your Canon printer with ease.

1. Always double check with your own manufacturer's guidelines before refilling ink.

2. The best time to refill an ink cartridge is before it is completely empty. If a cartridge is sitting without ink for two weeks or more, you may experience clogging problems preventing you from refilling it.

3. When you're ready, get a clear area, like a covered tabletop or clean countertop, to change ink.

4. Gather your refill kit and double check for any missing parts before you get started.

5. Take the needle and insert it in the syringe.

6. Insert the needle through the bottle seal and slowly pull up ink through the syringe.

7. Double-check the name on the ink cartridge before you fill it with ink to make sure you're filling it with the right color.

8. Fill each ink cartridge and remember to use a separate, clean syringe for each different ink color.



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