The Reliability Of Inkjet Cartridge Yields

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Are the inkjet cartridge yields that manufacturers give really accurate?

The Reliability Of Inkjet Cartridge Yields

With the high cost of paying for replacement inkjet cartridge parts, it's nice to know whether you can really count on the manufacturer's specifications for cartridge yields. The cost of keeping up with inkjet cartridge replacement costs can easily run you more than the cost of your printer over the course of several months. Some replacement inkjet cartridge models can run a consumer as much as $50 per ounce of ink.

However, according to ink tests done by PC World, the manufacturers are true to their word when it comes to delivering realistic cartridge yields. It's important to keep in mind that data isn't available for all inkjet cartridge yields supplied by the manufacturers. But of the data that was supplied, the PC World test found manufacturer numbers to be accurate.

Printer companies, such as Epson and Hewlett-Packard, have some printers which cease to function if the ink dips below a certain level. Therefore, not all the ink in a given inkjet cartridge will become used. According to manufacturers with printers that don't use up all the ink, the benefit is actually for the consumers because using every last drop will cause poor printing results and possible damage to the computer.



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