Canon Toner Achieves Better Quality And Lower Costs

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What is the Canon toner reuse system?

Canon Toner Achieves Better Quality And Lower Costs Tip: If you have a Canon digital multi-function printer (MFP), you're probably aware that there is a Canon toner reuse system associated with your equipment. The Canon toner reuse system establishes efficiency in terms of operating costs and the image quality of your multi-function printer.

In older multi-function printer units, a cleaning mechanism recovered the toner that remained on the drum during use. With the Canon toner reuse system, a developing roller recovers the toner and allows it to be used again, saving the unnecessarily wasted product. Under the new system, the Canon toner operates with maximum efficiency and the drum doesn't face cleaning with a blade that could compromise print quality. Instead, a brush, charging roller and developing roller act together to recover the unused Canon toner.



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